Playing Easter games is a smart way to get the family together. Ensuring to make the most of the holiday will guarantee everyone makes great memories. Finding the best games will help you, your friends and your family has the most fun this Easter. 

Easter Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt

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A twist on the classic game adds a game board, game pieces, and scoring system to help extend the classic version of the game

Scavenger Hunt

easter scavenger hunt

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Follow the clues to find the key.  The printable file also contains black eggs so that you can make your own clues.

Egg Hunt Bingo

egg hunt bingo

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Fill the boxes with numbers from 1-24, hide the eggs, and have your guests mark the cards as each egg is found.  First with five in a row wins!

Egg Hunt Winner Certificate

egg hunt winner cert

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Add a certificate to your egg hunt that can easily be printed and the name of the recipient written on the blank line provided

Easter I Spy Game

easter i spy game

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Use the camera on your phone to start taking pictures of the items on the card to start making fun memories

Easter Gift Tags

easter gift tags

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Print as many as you need, make hole in the top, and attach to your Easter gifts this year