How To Have Fun At Your Baby Shower

While organizing a baby shower may be a lot of fun, coming up with games and activities can be difficult. Moreover, if you’re throwing a baby shower then there’s clearly a good chance you or one of the most important people in attendance is pregnant - and while pregnant women are far from helpless, they deserve to rest instead of having to run around and plan a massive gathering of people. Consider attempting these DIY games  if you're searching for some imaginative and engaging ways to amuse your visitors, not only to celebrate your expected bundle of joy but to enjoy a great deal of fun with your friends.

I Spy Baby Shower Game

i Spy baby shower game

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All you need is your camera to start taking pictures and creating memories

Baby Sock Hunt

baby sock hunt

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Hide a few socks around the house and let the games being.  Whoever can find the most socks in time allowed wins

Baby Shower Bingo Printable

baby shower bingo

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Fill in the cards with gifts you expect to see at the shower and when a gift appears mark your card. First with five in a rows wins BINGO!

The Baby Shower Bundle

baby shower printable bundle

Save with the bundle