Bridal shower DIY board games are a fun and inclusive way for friends and family to celebrate the bride-to-be. They not only give entertainment, but they also allow everyone to express themselves creatively and get to know one another better. There's something for everyone, whether you're a seasoned board game fan or a beginner.

Ring Search

ring search bridal shower game

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Buy a few plastic rings from the dollar store and hide around the house.  Set a timer and let the hunt begin.

Bridal Shower I Spy Game

bridal shower i spy game

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All you need is the camera on your phone to play this game and start making memories

Guess The Chocolate Game Printable

guess the chocolate game

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This classic game is a simple and fun way to keep your guests amused.  Simply melt a few chocolate bars, portion, and get guessing!

Save with the Printable Bundle

bridal shower printable bundle