Christmas Bundle for Parties, Work Events, and Classrooms. I Spy, Candy Cane Hunt, Word Guess and More

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Santa Claus is coming to town, which means it's time for you to start planning some fun festive activities for you and your nearest and dearest. During the holiday season, we tend to invite more people over, playing host and offering everything from food and drinks to entertainment. Our Christmas Game Bundle can help with the last of the three.

The Christmas Bundle offers five engaging games, packed with festive themed fun. Family-friendly, each game is appropriate for a get together of all ages - whether that's a family meal, bringing some holiday cheer to the classroom, team building in your workplace or any other occasion. The bundle features five games.
These include:
1. Guess the Gift - describe a gift without saying what it is. Your guests need to guess what it is that you've wrapped up.
2. Candy Cane Hunt - hide a number of candy canes around your space and encourage guests to seek them out.
3. I Spy Game - this game encourages guests to look around and spot items or people from a select list within their immediate surroundings.
4. Word Guessing Game - try to explain festive words without using the word itself. Your guests will need to figure out what you're talking about.
5. Chocolate Guessing Game - we can't get enough chocolate around Christmas. Describe your favorite chocolate and encourage your loved ones to guess the type or brand! The games provide rules and guidance in a printable, PDF format.

Each features a holly, jolly Christmas color scheme. They also feature plenty of festive motives within their design. From candy cane print to snowflakes, mistletoe, Christmas trees, wrapped present and more, these are bound to fill all guests with a sense of yuletide.​Each purchase provides an instant download, allowing you to print the games out immediately. Looking for a spur of the moment source of entertainment? It's right at your fingertips. Print at home or send to a professional printer for an even higher quality finish.

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