Carrot Barons Printable Board Game


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NEW Printable board game that can be downloaded and played instantly. ⚡️

The objective in Carrot Barons 🥕 is to get the most coins. Earn coins by planting your crops and charging opposing players as they land on your plots.

Fun for 2- 6 players - Just need to add a game die or dice 🎲
How to Play
1. Arrange the four board pieces like the picture
2. Cut out the player pieces and extras
3. Roll the dice and move your carrot player along the board
4. If the space you land on is empty you may plant one of your plots 🥕
5. If the space has a plot from another player pay them the number of coins on the plot
6. Whoever has the most coins at the end or doesn't run out of coins wins 💰

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